Zebra Mussel Remover

We physically remove mussels from ladders or any surface that swimmers may come in contact with. We can also remove mussels from hoist & docks after they are removed and on your shoreline to prevent dying mussels from smelling.


  • Zebra Mussels are hazardous to loved ones and pets while they are swimming or using ladders, docks, rafts, etc. as zebra mussels can cause cuts and scrapes.
  • Over time, zebra mussels will add weight to floating systems, eventually compromising stability.
  • Zebra Mussels add weight to structures making the installation and removal more difficult and costly.
  • They may plug intakes on boat motors that may stay stationary between uses.
  • Zebra Mussels plug intake or drainage pipes in the lake.


While diving, we manually scrub or scrape and remove the Zebra Mussels off the surface they are attached to. Ask about our other custom solutions.


Service available weekly/bi monthly, monthly, or end of the season and as needed.