Weed Removal After
Weed Removal Before

Weed Removal

We scuba dive and hand pull aquatic weeds by their roots. We then remove the weeds from your property, by boat along with any other foreign objects we find while diving.

  • We remove weeds in target areas only. (It is a lower impact on environment)
  • We use surface nets to contain any weeds so they do not float away from your property while we are working.
  • There is immediate results. (Kids are usually back swimming by the time we leave)
  • Flexible operation, you are able to enjoy lake property with minimal interruptions
  • No chemicals will be used
  • Longer lasting results compared to raking/cutting
  • Fun for the kids to watch divers at work!
  • Raking or cutting only breaks/ cuts most weeds at the stem, allowing for re-growth. (Some vegetation may grow 3-5 inches a day)


Weeds interfere with or prohibit recreational activities such as swimming, fishing and boating and also detracts from the aesthetic appeal of your lakefront property.


We manually dive down and pull the weeds by their roots which has longer lasting results compared to cutting. Our methods are environmentally friendly and we work closely with the DNR to do what’s best. We will obtain the necessary permits from the DNR for weed removal, if needed.

We are allowed to remove up to 15 feet on each side of dock and up to 20 feet radius around boat hoist.


May – September call to get on our list for early Summer/Spring. We offer one-time removal or a custom removal program with multiple scheduled visits throughout the summer.