After Shoreline Cleanup
Before Shoreline Cleanup

Shoreline/ Surface Cleanup

Weekly cleanup or as needed. We arrive by boat and remove any floating weeds or garbage and debris by using manual methods and remove all debris from your property by boat.

  • We can rake your sand beaches clean and remove any debris
  • We can pick rocky shorelines clean and remove any debris
  • We also remove weeds hung up on dock post ladders & boat hoists
  • This is a less intrusive method for environment and homeowner
  • We can service property before your arrival


  • Weeds wash up and start to decompose & create smell
  • Weeds start to bunch up and start becoming water logged making them very heavy
  • Weeds interfere with hoist operations
  • Weeds get hung up on docks and hoists adding unneeded stress to structures during heavy waves and storms
  • Floating weeds can clog P.W.C very easily


  • We arrive by boat and deploy weed technicians onto shore and into the water to remove unwanted weeds and debris
  • We remove weeds from your property by boat and properly dispose of them


Weekly service is the best to maintain a more weed free property