The cost for Underwater Solutions services is based on a set price per square foot of the serviceable area. The set cost per square foot will vary from job to job based on the thickness of weeds or zebra mussels, what kind of weeds, lake bottom sediments, and clarity of water. All of these variables affect the amount of time our divers will need to complete the job.

After the initial service is performed, Underwater Solutions will return to your property throughout the remainder of summer to ensure that the weeds stay away. The number of times we return to your property in one summer (typically 1-3 times) depends on the stipulations within your specific service contract.

The main advantage that Underwater Solutions holds over these machines is that we are able to treat the weeds from the root systems. Aquatic vegetation grows at an extremely rapid rate. Eurasian milfoil, for example, can grow 2-3 inches per day. The weed removal machines are unable to chop the weeds from the root system and, as a result, are required to be run continuously all throughout summer. This is costly to those paying for the services, as well as an eye sore to those trying to enjoy the lake’s beauty.